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  • Perfect for packing several light items or large bulky items.
  • Most uncomfortable shaped items can be placed inside these boxes.
  • Commonly placed items in these boxes are decorative lamps or figurines.

5 Ply cartons are frequently used as storage boxes. These boxes have the best strength than 3 ply box as it has 2 corrugated and 3 paper roll wrap with proper care and It can be stacked for longer periods than 3 Ply and avoid crushing.

These cartons are ideal for home moving giving you peace of mind that your possessions are protected by a durable and strong and packing box.

We fulfill all orders quickly and affordably. Our manufacturing process creates quality 5 ply cartons, bases, and displays that you will be proud to showcase with your products. If you are running a business where you sell some goods like soaps, perfumes, lotions, powders, and anything, it is very good to provide it all a good product packaging that will make your items look more professional and enticing. A product that has a great look especially for packaging can help in attracting more customers that will be more interested in what you are offering too.


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