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Sku: SF03
  • Performs across a complete range of applications and equipment.
  • Higher shrink force ensures greater package integrity for multi-pack applications.
  • It has been specifically designed in order to pack all kinds of foods with the same quality as PVC wrapping.

The shrink wrap film is ideal for bundling food items or small boxes; stabilizing them for both storage and shipments through its excellent self-adhering quality but without any residue on the items. Perfect for wrapping remote controls to TVs, securing cabinet or dresser doors, keeping hardware attached to bed frames, protecting furniture from dust or stains and etc. Our banding film wrap firmly sticks to itself offering a better film cling, promising to last throughout all your packing, moving, shipping, traveling, and storing, this shrink wrap has a glossy and slippery clear outer surface, so no dust and dirt will cling on to, the clear transparent wrap allows you to easily see what’s in each pack, built-in practical carton handle To make your packing experience even faster, easier, and more efficient.


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